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About Say Yes Bridal Stylist

If you're new here, the warmest of welcome, and if you're not, "Hi again!".

So the formalities...Settle in peeps... Yep...that's me, Katie, the owner and creator of "SAY YES BRIDAL STYLIST" Bridal & Event hair specialist based in the Cotswolds, UK. I started in the hair & beauty industry in 2007, straight from school but before that I was a Saturday girl in a salon (and yes I apparently still do make a great cuppa!) So I found my passion from an early age.

Being a hairstylist is more than "just hair".

Discovering that being a hairstylist is more than "just hair", some may say jack of all trades...(master of hair). My drive came from creating styles to suit all and making clients feel incredible when leaving the salon. The day to day hairdressing is great, you may even still catch me doing a little every now and then, but I really found my passion, creativity and natural flair in bridal and event hair, so launched "Say Yes Bridal Styling" back in 2020.

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Sustainability importance

Sustainability is really important to me as I believe a small change is better than no change at all. We all need to do our bit to protect the planet and all the beauty it holds. My mission is to be able to offer a sustainable option in bridal hair for all.

I love meeting people and creating connections. I've met some incredibly talented suppliers along the way too, please check out my recommended suppliers page.

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Looking for a bridal hairstylist?

In more recent years I have made my biggest achievement to date by welcoming my beautiful daughter to the world back in September 2022 (who now sometimes makes an appearance as an assistant on photoshoots). Juggling my home life and business with lots of hard work and dedication I have managed to become an award winning bridal hairstylist.

If you are still looking for your bridal hairstylist, please do get in touch, I would love to help you create your perfect day!

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