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FAQs: What to expect at your BRIDAL PREVIEW: SAY YES BRIDAL STYLIST: Wedding trial

Faqs for your bridal trial. cotswolds bridal hair stylist
Say Yes Bridal Stylist
Coming to a bridal preview can be daunting- I know... I've been there, so i know exactly how you are feeling.
At your preview, I want you to feel comfortable, relaxed, listened to and most importantly to enjoy it and have fun.... think of is as a bridal collaboration between the both of us.

This is my handy guide to your perfect bridal preview. Here are a few of my frequently asked questions from previous bides.

Is there a time limit?
When you book your package with myself I want you to have the best experience possible so my previews are included within your packages. We have three bridal packages available. Your preview will last between 1.5 hour-2 hours, you will have an option to try one or two styles. This will stop you getting over whelmed with choice. Please save pictures of hairstyle that you love (and dislike too!) This will give me a full idea of what you picture your wedding hair to look like. If you are looking to try Hollywood waves please be aware this will be the only style we will be able to create in this time slot.

What do I need to bring?
Please bring your inspo pictures and any accessories you have already purchased. If you are unsure of what accessories you wanted to go for, DON’T PANIC! I have a wide selection on accessories I can recommend where to purchase and can point you in the right direction. If you are intending on wearing a veil and have it already please bring this with you also. Wearing a white top, or similar colour to your dress with a similar neckline will help you to envision what its going to be like. Pictures of your dress and neck line are super helpful to understand your vibe... but most importantly bring an open mind. The style you maybe set on might not be the one. Just like dress shopping you may fall in love with something else that would suit your personality, dress and vibe better.

Will I need hair extension?
Depending on your hair thickness and style required around 75% of hairstyles that I am shown by brides require hair extensions. Please don’t be scared of them. Hair extensions are great for making your style to last all day. If your hair struggles to hold a curl, they will give your natural hair volume and hidden structure for your hair to hold on to. I would recommend clip in hair extensions. I wouldn’t recommend spending hundreds of pound on permanent ones especially as its for one day. Clip in hair extensions are affordable, light weight and a great to use as they can be placed exactly where they are needed and are easily hidden. Prices are between £100-£200 depending on how much hair is required. if required you will receive a free hair extension consultation within your bridal preview where I colour match them to your hair colour, order and prep them ready for your day, so you are ready to go, stress free!.
Any hair extensions purchased for you wedding day are additional and will be added to your final invoice

Faqs for your bridal trial cotswolds wedding hair stylist
When do I wash my hair?
For your bridal preview, if you are having an up-do or down do and your hair does not get too greasy, please wash your hair the night before, apply a light heat protector, and dry as smooth as possible. The next day at your preview I will prep the hair with the perfect products to give your hair added texture and to ensure your style lasts.

This will also apply on your wedding day.

If your bridesmaid/ maid of honour is not having a preview but has questions about their wedding hair that I have not covered with yourself, please get them to email me any questions leading up to the wedding day.

Any other questions, please let me know!
Katie  x

FAQs your wedding bridal trial

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