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SAY YES BRIDE: Our Cotswolds bride Aimee: Say Yes Bridal: Cotswolds Bridal Hair Stylist for Aimee at Caswell House

Updated: Mar 10

Wedding date: 7th May 2023

Wedding Venue: Caswell House, Brize Norton, Oxford

Photography: Sarah Grace Wedding Photography

i do Aimee photography my Sarah Grace photography
i do Aimee photography my Sarah Grace photography


I absolutely LOVED my wedding planning journey, I made and designed a lot of things myself and it was just the most magical day. I actually found Say Yes Bridal hair stylist via Facebook, I asked for recommendations in a group local to where my wedding venue was and when I got in touch I just knew I was in safe hands. Due to finding our venue during covid, we didn’t have a confirmed booking until we went to see it in person and Katie was extremely understanding and helpful with this, she told me immediately when someone had enquired about our date enabling me to have first refusal and the opportunity to have my wedding confirmed first, she took the stress completely out of the situation. Her communication was amazing and helpful throughout. I had my wedding preview at my house and she absolutely nailed my vision and my maid of honours complex idea too (I was it up, but down, plaited but curly with an accessory to tie in with the dresses) when she looked in the mirror her response was “well you certainly understood the assignment”. The preview left me very happy and excited for the big day.

Katie’s knowledge on wedding mornings was extremely helpful with timings and thinking practically for the day, she came to a hotel in the Cotswolds to make a start and then we all went into the venue when we were allowed into the bridal room. She made it super special helping to set the room up nicely and without me even knowing she took little videos and pictures of snippets of my venue and decor. This was sent to me the following day in a reel which was such a beautiful and kind surprise! Say Yes Bridal Stylist more than exceeded my expectations, bar far my best supplier, nothing was too much trouble, she really engaged with the little ones and helped far beyond just hair. She helped to superglue a penny to my shoe, helped hold my dress to get into with my maid of honour, cleared away things for pictures and really noticed and thought about the little details. 
I would and do recommend Say Yes Bridal Stylist on a regular basis for Bridal Hair, I cannot shout loudly enough for how incredible Katie was for us, our hair looked stunning, it didn’t move all day and night and into the next morning! Thank you again Katie for making my special day so enjoyable, I truly believe you are the best in the business and wish you had availability to help everyone in the way you did for me.

Say Yes Bridal: Cotswolds Bridal Hair Stylist for Aimee at Caswell House


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