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For A Stress Free Wedding Morning


 We are fairly tight for time on your wedding morning, especially if there is a large bridal party. I will work alongside your make up artist to tag team your bridal party, however please make sure they are punctual as this will keep your morning on time!


I know there is temptation for you to go last so your hair and make up will last, however if your morning is running behind, in the nicest way possible- we do not want you to be the one that is rushed! We use fantastic products that will last all day regardless of where you go in the que. I would recommend going 3rd. This will also give you time to sit in your hair and make up and make sure your 100% happy with it before you leave, and if any changes or touch ups are needed before you go we will have time for this.


Please cut out your labels on all your dresses the night before. Check stickers are off the bottom of shoes and off your veil. If you forget delegate this to somebody- and pack scissors! Its surprising how much time is wasted on the morning hunting around for a pair of scissors and trying to peel the stickers off shoes.


Surprisingly a lot of venues do not have speakers in the bridal prep room. I always try to pack my Bluetooth speaker, just in case as there is nothing worse than no atmosphere on your wedding morning. Please create a playlist and also download it prior to the morning. Some venues have rubbish Wi-Fi and the playlist wont stream live.


Is there a time limit?

When you book your trial with myself, I do not allow a time limit. This is because I want you to get the best experiences and be able to try all your styles requested. I would suggest allowing 2 hours per trial and to narrow your selection of styles down to 1/2 styles maximum. This will stop you getting over whelmed with choice. Please save pictures of hairstyle that you love (and dislike too!) This will give me a full idea of what you picture your wedding hair to look like. If you are looking to try Hollywood waves and another style- this is possible, however the prep for the hair is slightly different, so will not give you a true representation of what your style will look like. Please book a separate trail if you are unsure.


What do I need to bring?

Please bring your inspo pictures and any accessories you have already purchased. If you are unsure of what accessories you wanted to go for, DON’T PANIC! I have a wide selection on accessories for you to try, and can point you in the right direction.


Will I need hair extension?

Depending on your hair thickness and style required around 70% of hairstyles that I am shown by brides require hair extensions. Please don’t be scared of them. Hair extensions are great for making your style to last all day. If your hair struggles to hold a curl, they will give your natural hair volume and hidden structure for your hair to hold on to. I would recommend clip in hair extensions. I wouldn’t recommend spending hundreds of pound on permanent ones especially as its for one day. Clip in hair extensions are affordable, light weight and a great to use as they can be placed exactly where they are needed and are easily hidden. Prices are roughly between £70-£100 depending on how much hair is required. On your trial, if required, I can colour match them to your hair colour and can either order them on your behalf, or you can order them yourself. If I order them on your behalf please get them delivered to my address and I can prep them prior to your wedding day.


When do I wash my hair?

For your bridal trial, if you are having an up-do and your hair does not get too greasy, please wash your hair the night before, apply a light heat protector, and dry smooth. The next day at your trial I will prep the hair with drying products, such as sea salt spray, to give your hair added texture.

If you are having a down do, please wash your hair the morning of your trial and slightly take the damp out or leave it natural. I will prep the hair with volume sprays and heat protectors, as I would usually do a blow dry prep to get your hair frizz free before styling.


This will also apply on your wedding day. If you would like a blow dry the night before your wedding, please see blow dry and spray tan packages available.


If your bridesmaid/ maid of honour is not having a trial but has questions about their wedding hair that I have not covered with yourself, please get them to email me any questions leading up to the wedding day.


Any other questions, please let me know!

Katie  x


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